CIC supports banning of junk food near Delhi schools

Nirmal Singh 3C Company appreciated the fact that the Central Information Commission has asked the Delhi government to keep a check the sale of junk food and colas in close vicinity of schools in the capital has been stopped or not, as per the Right to Information (RTI) Act. Basically, there has been a spectator who ridiculed the availability of junk food outside school corners as a wrong practice and termed it as “a health hazard.”
Nirmal Singh 3C Company noticed that an order was passed by the Information Commissioner Yashovardhan Azad asking the Delhi government to think over banning the sale of these items in school area. This was taken seriously by the commission.
Nirmal Singh 3C Company appreciated the fact that SP Machanda, a resident of Keshav Puram in north-west Delhi, came forward to complain about the practice of selling food items outside the school premises and asked the Delhi government to take a swift action against these activities or rather restrict the sale of junk f…

Is Modi Really Leading Indi To A Dangerous Place? - Nirmal Singh 3C Company

You will be applauded and looked up to if you made a mistake and gracefully tried to correct it, or at least made the efforts in the right direction. With our Prime Minister, there is no filter that could make him realize his mistake – he has shown no signs of rectifying his mistakes, he has, on the other hand, tried to throttle away with the same negative agendas.
Like all of his previous speeches, Prime Minister talked about the same things on the Independence Day – our country should come together, Bharat Jodo, Everyone is equal, and of course, let us create a new India together. All of these things that he has been talking about since coming in power are all hollow, they lack content and it is time people realize this. The type of politics he has been acting on from the start of his illustrious career has made sure BJP’s reign in India for years to come. The opposition parties cannot compete with BJP if there is no one to put in the ring. The constitutional rhythms have been alt…

Are ATMs Becoming A Thing Of Past In India? - Nirmal Singh 3C Company

Remember the time when everyone was excited about not going to banks with cheque books in one hand and bank details in the other just because you wanted to take out a thousand bucks to pay the bills? That feels like a hundred years ago. Nobody is excited about the money throwing machines anymore. The long lines outside ATMs are gone and have been replaced by an eerie feeling of calm. ATM machines were thought of as a new generation thing in the banking industry, they are now sitting in dust in secluded 4 by 5 rooms. - Nirmal Singh 3C Company
Between 2012 and 2015, the number of active ATMs was doubled to more than one lakh but that exponential growth got stagnated soon and hardly any new ATM has been installed in the past year. When more than 750million transactions were being completed before demonetization, the number has come down to less than 660million. Online transactions are being preferred over hard cash and hence the ATMs have lost their relevance, especially when you can p…

Madrasas In Uttar Pradesh And Madhya Pradesh Asked To Host The Flag On Independence Day And Send Videos As A Proof

The governments of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh directed the Madrasas to hoist the national flag and record the entire Independence Day celebration. Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that the government has asked the Madrasas to submit those videos to the government as a proof, considering the fact about the videos, they added that this should not embarrass anyone since it is everyone’s duty as an Indian, but perhaps asking for a proof is like raising a question on their nationality.
There were arguments whether this would demolish the RSS propaganda that the Muslims are less loyal to the nation. Nirmal Singh 3C Company said that Muslims have always held the tricolor with pride and flag hosting in Madrasas is nothing but a continuation of the tradition. But the only problem here is that this is being imposed upon the schools and the Muslims to prove their loyalty towards the nation and that too by the government orders. In their defence, the Uttar Pradesh government said that the orde…

AIMIMS to join hands with Lalu: says they have no fear of BJP

All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen chief Asaduddin Owaisi on a Tuesday night said that he would work with RJD leader Lalu Prasad Yadav. Nirmal Singh 3C Company said that the subject was addressed at a public meeting held in the remembrance of party revivalist Abdul Wahed Owaisi at Murghi chowk. Sorting out the political conflicts, he said that the party was ready to work with Lalu out of their will and not because of the fear of BJP. He said, “Lalu Prasad Yadav if you have to take in the communal forced, you cannot do it alone.’
Nirmal Singh 3C Company says that Asad made it clear that is intentions are in serving Seemanchal and to bring about a change. So the Majilis- e- Ittehadul Muslimeen is ready to work with them as long as they work in the benefit of the place. After Nitish Kumar ditching the party, the Hyderabad parliamentarian criticized him saying that he had taken votes in the name of Secularism from Muslims and then abandoned them. Alleging Nitish Kumar of being a lot i…

Lalu Prasad’s Unaccounted Property May Bring More Court Cases, Says Nirmal Singh 3C Company

If you are in power, you have the power. This statement seems completely true for the former member of the grand alliance in Bihar, Shri Lalu Prasad Yadav. After the mahagatbandhan collapsed, central and state government came running for Lalu’s benami properties – all 150 of them. It is alleged that Rashtriya Janata Dal chief has all these properties registered under his or his family members’ name.
BJP leaders have said openly that they are trying to bring out more such cases against Lalu Prasad and his family. They have started campaigning for such cases to be taken seriously and for actions against Nitish Kumar and Modi. - Nirmal Singh 3C Company
In a recent interview, Modi told the reporters that he only has nine cases against in him in the court and that he can explain every single of them unlike Lalu Prasad Yadav and his family members. He said that three of the total nine cases are defamation cases lodged against him by Pappu Yadav and Sadhu. He also said that a rail roko case…

Chandigarh Stalking Case: Strict Action Against Accused Demanded By Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal

Nirmal Singh 3C Company appreciated the fact that Delhi Chief Ministercame out and spoke against the Haryana BJP chief’s son, who was accused of gazing at the IAS officer’s daughter. The government demanded strict action against him, as they think if they fail to exercise the justice, “people will lose faith in the system”. To substantiate its stand Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) used Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s famous slogan of ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao’.  They further accused the Chandigarh Police of closing the case against BJP leader Subhash Barala’s son.
Nirmal Singh 3C Company noticed that AAP used its women leaders to attack the BJP.  “Beti bachao, Beti padhao” (save the girl child, educate the girl child) has been used by AAP’s Chandni Chowk MLA Alka Lamba, saying “save the daughters of India from the sons of the BJP”. Nirmal Singh 3C Company further noticed thatBarala’s son Vikas (23) and his friend Ashish Kumar (27) were locked behind the bars for stalking the woman. Later, both th…